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  • Nora Ceiling
    The newest prefabricated stucco substitute. New false ceiling made of pvc
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Products: Artistic Ceiling : A combination of PVC, MDF and leather. Overhead flowers due to low weight (about 5 kg per square meter), the perfect set for home styling. Tools and gadgets: Sepahan tools and gloves of the length of 330 cm from PVC are available in different colors and designs. The tool is available from 5 cm to 14 cm. It should be noted that the company has the ability to make custom tools. Decorative pieces: Decorative pieces made of HIPS and ABS.

  • To be economical
  • No need to re-color
  • Ability to move after installation
  • Very short runtime
  • Variety of colors and designs
  • No moisture intrusion
  • Light weight
  • Unbreakable in the installation environment
  • Installing a ceiling in less than twenty minutes
  • Possibility to coordinate design of products with home decoration.
About Product

Nora Ceiling

Manufacturer of decorative ceilings made of PVC (all Nora models of industrial property registration ceiling)

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